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Renowned scientist, Dr. Robert Kaufman, has uncovered the writings of an unknown Roman officer telling of his meeting with Christ before his death and a child that will come before the end of humankind. This will be the last chance for the world to understand and know the truth about the Creator’s love.

Kaufman uses extreme methods to keep the ancient writings hidden but a secret informant has apprised the government and they will stop at nothing to find the boy and his mother. Now the search for the child is on and the quest to obtain tangible evidence of God’s existence.

The young child is surrounded by his angelic and human protectors, willing to sacrifice their lives to keep him protected from his earthly pursuers and the unseen evil forces led by the Deus Deceptor. The Master of darkness will stop at nothing to suppress the message of love and hope.

The modern world must be made ready to hear and accept God’s final message for them. The answers of all truth will be told. Elkan is COMING.


ELKAN - Author Signed

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