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Nothing in Syene Harper’s past prepares her for what is

C O M I N G.

She is a typical college student, with a few good friends on campus and a loving single mother, lively little sister, and devoted dog

waiting for her back home once she finishes her final exams.

Waking to a good luck text from her mom and a cryptic update from her friend Amy about her previous night’s adventures, Syene’s last day of the semester starts out uneventfully.

The next text reads C O M I N G. Is this an invitation or a joke?

A warning? Who on earth has a four-digit phone number?

Syene seeks refuge in her summer routine of family and church. But her sense of well-being continues to unravel. The greatest comfort for Sy and her family is a newcomer, introduced as Farrel Kelly, a young theologian from England on a work-study program.

Unexpectedly, Farrel reveals the answers to Syene’s questions.

Syene has been called to become the Sacred. The unease she feels is more than mere discomfort—it is danger. Just as Farrel is dedicated to venerate and protect her, others, made of pure evil, fear her

sanctified purpose and seek mankind’s destruction.


SACRED - Author Signed

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